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August 6, 2007

Love the new photos! Someone has a great eye with the camera. You just amazed us with your playing...even on that old white upright at the nursing home. You, dear brother-in-law, give us musical bragging rights. Thank you for sharing your talent. You even got site hits from Danmark (Danish Spellng)so, you must be good.

esther & spike

August 6, 2007

loved the pics! the site looks so summer-y. really got that "beachy" feel. hope you're having a wonderful summer. looking forward to the new cd. spike wants to know, how come no pictures of cats or lobsters? love to j.

love, "cousin" e


August 6, 2007

Thank you so much for sharing, please keep me posted as I love to hear about my cousins and especially my dear Aunt Sophie and Uncle Gersh! xoxox to you and Joe

Maureen Phillips

August 6, 2007

it was great to explore your web site! Thanks for sharing your news. Say hi to your parents for me! love, Maureen


August 6, 2007

Especially love the album cover photo. Makes me hungry for malasadas!

Cuz Judy

August 6, 2007

Loved the new pics in the Photo
Gallery (including the new headshot)! So glad you and Joe had
a great vacation in Maine!
Love, Judy

Marge Lamb

August 6, 2007

Enjoyed your web sight, I will log on to keep up to date with you. Congratulations, sounds like you're doing great. Love Marge

Jordan G.

May 24, 2007

Great redesign ... PS I really miss the sheep jokes.

Ilene Meiseles

April 20, 2007

Serene website and lovely pics that mirror the essence of your CD.
If it wasn't 40 degrees you would have me trekking off to Provincetown right now!!

your student Dion Sorrentino

April 18, 2007

You have made good music

Pat Harrington

April 18, 2007

What a great web site, it is so easy to use!
I love your music, I find it very uplifting.

Poul Sandersen

April 12, 2007

Great site!!!

Hi Joe.


April 2, 2007

Mr.Teddy: I love the new look of your sight, but even more, I love how inspired you are by sensing that people all over the world are finally getting a taste of what is created through you! I have longed to watch you experience some sense of universal feedback ever since the first time you sang "Wherever You Go" for me twenty seven years ago.Although I knew early on that I might be your sole audience, it has been so painful at times to realize that as one person, I am totally inadequate to respond to your music in the way that you need a responseIt is your vocation, your Calling, to allow such beauty to pass through you to this suffering world. Sales are only finite, albeit an important part of your much sought after success, but nothing compared to the infinite and unique gift of setting off the feelings in another human being that come from listening to and experiencing your gift. I am so greatful that Our Higher Power has moved you to take these steps to come out from under your fears and affirm yourself, and your gift, through this site, your newer way of sighting, SEEING who you are! Happy Passover/Easter 2007. Love throughout all, Joe

Mary Ann

April 1, 2007

Your website certainly exudes tranquility. It's interesting & easy to navigate. Your extraordinary success is much deserved. Best regards


April 1, 2007

The new website look is very peaceful! Whenever I put my iPod on shuffle, your songs find the way to the top of my playlist!! :-)

April 1, 2007

I am So Proud of you! Your site is
fabulous! Keep it comin'!
Love ya,
Cuz Judy


April 1, 2007

looks great cuz, hope to see you soon! take care, xoxo to joe!


March 31, 2007

I love the web site. Thanks for reminding me to check it out. Miss you.
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