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Jordan E. Spivack: Links


Jordan E. Spivack's Profile on OurStage

Visit my OurStage profile to hear dozens of my tracks in their full length, and become a member of OurStage to vote for my tunes each month!

Musician's Atlas

See the Jordan E. Spivack Artist Spotlight on p.6 of The Musician's Atlas '08. Order the Atlas Print Edition: With The Musician's Atlas, you can Create, Perform, Record, Promote, and Sell music more successfully. With or without label support. The best-selling Atlas helps you build and sustain your career by supplying the most qualified and in-depth contact information available - complete with critical details that other resources leave out.

Pickin' Up Speed

A terrific blugrass band based in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. My sister Linda sings lead vocals, and my brother-in-law Poul plays bass. Check out their site!

Pongid Radio
This terrific online station out of Plattsburgh, NY is playing my music - click the link, and give it a listen!
New Music
Interesting opportunity for New Talent, Singers, Bands, Music Scouts, Agents, Managers, Producers, Record Labels!
Rockland World Radio
Rockland County, NY's live streaming online radio station!
WOMR 92.1 FM
Provincetown, Cape Cod's "Outermost Radio" station - listen to live streaming online!