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Jordan E. Spivack: Listen to My Music

Lucky Day

(Jordan E. Spivack)
Jordan E. Spivack



I take a breath of the morning air

Then let it all out, Saturday’s here

The sun is up, and the weather is fair

My head is clear

I can feel my heart beat strong and sincere

I’m alive again

Haven’t felt this good since I don’t know when

Better times are here to stay

‘Cause it’s a LUCKY DAY!


Hey, something’s happened to me this weekend

Taking a break from everything else

I need the chance to play hide and seek

And discover myself

Make me my own rainbow

Spreading its colors across the sky

An excellent show

In a world that’s mine

Love is gonna come my way

This is a LUCKY DAY!


All the worries I’ve saved up for so long

Let ‘em all go, they’re slowin’ me down

I’m tunin’ in to a jazzy song with a welcome sound

Listenin’ to the wind blow

Changing my frown to a great big smile

Happiness is comin’ back in style

So glad that I feel this way

This is my LUCKY DAY


This is my LUCKY DAY!