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  1. Commercial Street

This is the “main street” of P-Town; starting inland and heading downtown, it’s a quiet and leisurely morning walk past private houses with sumptuous and colorful gardens and flapping gay pride flags; as you draw closer to the center of town you pass a variety of art galleries and more and more shops, until you hit the gathering crowds mixed with vacationers and townies, dashing in and out of what seems like a thousand shops and eateries in the heart of town, with the distinctive smell of the sea in every breath you take – here you’ll spend an exciting afternoon, buying souvenirs, going on a whale watch, taking a trolley ride, watching a show, people-watching, and eating breakfast/lunch/dinner – as you continue your walk towards the end of town, it’s getting dark, the crowds are dissipating, there are fewer and fewer shops and restaurants, and more private houses; it’s been a great day! ("Right-click" on title, choose "save target as", and download excerpt to your chosen program.)